Operational Spare Parts And Consumables

The Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant is in the process of transitioning from a construction project to a fully operational nuclear energy plant. Barakah Unit 1 began operating on 31 July 2020 and connected to the UAE grid on 19 August 2020, delivering clean electricity produced by peaceful nuclear energy in the UAE for the first time in history. Once fully operational, the plant will supply up to 25% of the UAE’s electricity needs with zero emissions.

ENEC and Nawah established the Operational Spare Parts Strategy to understand material demand in order to support all work activities across the four Units at the Barakah Plant. A graded approach for material demands exists for all functions at Barakah, from supporting everyday administrative requirements to safety-significant maintenance activities.

Nawah’s experts in nuclear operations and maintenance continuously evaluate the dependency and relationship with the supplier providing these materials, and they can be classified as either strategic or tactical material required for the safe, efficient and reliable operation of the plant. The demand profile will support maintenance activities essential for managing the operation of the Barakah Plant.

The management of operational spare parts is the foundation for reliable plant operations. In 2019, ENEC’s Industrial Development team launched a program to ensure security of supply for the sustainable operation of the Barakah Plant through localization, called the Operational Spare Parts Strategy (OSPS) Localization Plan. It aims to:

  • Support the plant’s requirements in a timely manner avoiding overseas shipments and possible delays.
  • Fulfill the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program’s commitment to developing a UAE nuclear industry and supply chain.
  • Collaborate with various local energy companies and entities during the unlikely event of an emergency to share supply chain inventory.
  • Ensure the prioritization of Nawah’s needs and requirements by local suppliers compared to international suppliers, especially in the case of the supplier going out of business.
  • Assurance of supplier qualification and quality via different measures (supplier development, routine inspection, etc.).

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