Secondary Loop Components


The steam from the steam generator travels through pipes to the turbines. The steam spins the turbine blades, which turns the steam’s energy into mechanical energy. The turbines’ blades are connected to a shaft that spins a generator.

Each unit at the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant has one high-pressure turbine and three low-pressure turbines, ensuring maximum efficiency in the generation of electricity.


The turbine shaft connects to a generator. When the turbine shaft spins, it turns the generator shaft, which is wrapped in coils typically made of copper, inside a set of magnets. This creates the electrical current that will power homes and businesses across the UAE.

This process can be found at any conventional energy plant.

turbine-graphic-5e43c502d7a0b.JPG (original)


Upon leaving the turbine, steam enters the condenser where it is cooled down and turns back into water. That water circulates back into the steam generator to begin the process again.