Investor Guide & Investments in the UAE

Knowledge Transfer and Potential Partnerships

ENEC is proud to be supporting local businesses in the UAE, and facilitating the development of a local nuclear energy supply chain. A major component of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program is ENEC’s commitment to work alongside UAE companies to ensure they meet the strict quality and technical standards required to tender for contracts for the country’s nuclear energy program. This is in line with the UAE strategy for economic and industrial development, which aims to increase the total output and value added of the UAE manufacturing sector, enhance the depth of knowledge and innovation, and to promote environmentally friendly and energy-efficient manufacturing.

The UAE’s economic development and the start of operations at the Barakah Plant create opportunities for local companies to form partnerships with experienced international companies in order to fulfil the needs of the four nuclear reactor Units at Barakah. The ENEC Industrial Development team is the interface between local and international entities to ensure their participation in the Program and promote partnerships, joint ventures or knowledge transfer.

We are committed to support in:

  • Identifying and building alliances between local companies and international entities.
  • Working with government entities to attract and incentivize international investors in the peaceful nuclear energy sector.
  • Assisting investors to establish a local stand-alone presence or to identify and work with local partners.
  • The below resources could be useful for any company seeking more information on the potential opportunities.