Who Operates the Plant?

Since 2009, ENEC has been training a special group of Emirati nationals to become the first qualified Reactor Operators (ROs) and Senior Reactor Operators (SROs) in the UAE. Through the Energy Pioneers educational initiative and program, ENEC attracts the country’s most talented science students, engineering graduates and experienced professionals for careers in the nuclear energy industry.

SROs and ROs require specialized training and must obtain certification from the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation before they can operate the reactors at Barakah. All personnel qualified to operate a reactor are employees of Nawah, ENEC’s subsidiary in charge of operation and maintenance of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant.

In 2019, the first UAE nationals received their certifications as SROs and ROs from FANR, marking a major milestone for the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program. The SROs and ROs took part in a three-year training program developed by ENEC and Nawah combining hands-on experience from some of the industry’s leading nuclear energy experts with a discipline-focused curriculum. They also trained at operating nuclear facilities in the Republic of Korea, the USA and South Africa.

We continue to train engineers, maintenance personnel and reactor operators to ensure the safe, reliable and sustainable operation and maintenance of the Barakah plant for its entire 60-year lifetime. With a strong focus on developing UAE Nationals, ENEC is committed to training and qualifying local talent to lead the operation of the Barakah plant and the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program.

Learn more about ENEC’s training facilities and how the UAE benefits from global operating experience.

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