International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB) was established from the start of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program to provide an expert, independent assessment of all aspects of the Program and report directly to the leadership of the nation.

The IAB has provided the UAE with the benefit of the expertise and knowledge of a highly select group of internationally recognized experts in the fields of nuclear safety and security, non-proliferation and the development of human resources. The IAB’s report provides insights and guidance into possible optimization of the Program, and ensures that both domestic and international stakeholders are able to monitor progress.

On a semi-annual basis, the IAB reviewed the Program, ensuring that it is achieving and maintaining the highest standards of safety, security, non-proliferation, transparency and sustainability. In October 2017, the IAB held its final meeting in Abu Dhabi.

IAB Members at the final meeting of the Board in October 2017:

  • Dr. Hans Blix, IAB Chairman
  • Dr. KunMo Chung, Former Minister of Science and Technology-Republic of Korea
  • Ambassador Thomas Graham, Executive Chairman of Light Bridge Corporation-USA
  • Mr. Takuya Hattori, President of Japan Atomic Industrial Forum Inc. (JAIF)
  • Lady Barbara Judge, Chairman of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
  • Mr. Jukka Laaksonen, Director General of Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority – Finland
  • Sir John Rose, Chief Executive of Rolls Royce plc

Safety is a defining element of our corporate values and culture.

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