Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability

Responsibility for Safety

At ENEC, every employee has a responsibility for safety. The Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability (HSE&S) Division manage risks and performance on a daily basis but every employee is responsible for ensuring our actions do not put ourselves, other employees, the public or the environment at risk.

Safety is the overriding priority and is the first ENEC corporate value. To ensure the right mix of expertise and experience, ENEC has a number of teams to manage and monitor HSE&S, these specialized teams include:

  • Corporate HSE&S Team;
  • Construction HSE&S Oversight Team (CPO);
  • Nuclear Safety and Nuclear Safety Culture Teams; and
  • Emergency Response and Business Continuity Teams.

Managing HSE&S Programs

ENEC ensures it implements a comprehensive Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability (HSE&S) program through the development, implementation and monitoring of the ENEC HSE Management System. This system is fully compliant and certified to Local and International Regulations and Standards. 

The ENEC HSE Management System contain key HSE elements such as: 

  • HSE Policies, Procedures and Codes of Practice to ensure a systematic approach to HSE;
  • HSE Legal Compliance and HSE Risk Management Program;
  • HSE Induction, Training and Awareness Programs;
  • Incident and Emergency Response Programs;
  • Health and Wellness Programs, including Medical Surveillance; and
  • Behavior Based Safety / Culture Programs.

Our Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Program

We have developed and implemented a number of comprehensive Environment, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility programs.  Activities include:

  • Managing the Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Working Group and related initiatives;
  • Reducing the impact of ENEC’s activities on the environment (e.g. reducing electricity and water use); and
  • Managing the production of the ENEC Annual Sustainability Report.

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Safety is a defining element of our corporate values and culture.

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