The UAE Nuclear Energy Policy

In April 2008, the UAE released its Policy on 'The Evaluation and Potential Development of Peaceful Nuclear Energy'. This policy is built on the most exacting standards of safety, transparency and security, making the country a role model for nuclear energy development worldwide.

The policy emphasizes six key principles:

  • Complete operational transparency
  • The highest standards of non-proliferation
  • The highest standards of safety and security
  • Working directly with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and conforming to its standards
  • Partnerships with responsible nations and appropriate experts
  • Long-term sustainability

One of the main pillars of the policy is the commitment to develop the program with safety and non-proliferation as its foundation, and to forgo domestic enrichment and reprocessing of nuclear fuel, the two parts of the nuclear fuel cycle that can most readily be used for non-peaceful purposes.

This policy establishes a new model through which non-nuclear states may explore and potentially develop a peaceful nuclear energy program with the full support and confidence of the international community.

In 2009, the UAE issued its nuclear energy law, which commits the nation to the most exacting standards of safety, transparency and security.


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