Al Dhafra Region Activity

Our neighbors. Our partners.

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation is committed to creating a comprehensive, productive and long-term partnership with the people of Al Dhafra Region in Abu Dhabi, home of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant.

Since 2009, we have been very active in supporting local cultural and recreation facilities, and hosted regular community forums for local residents in conjunction with local leaders and municipal authorities.

Al Dhafra Region stands to benefit in many ways as home to the UAE’s first nuclear energy plant. The program will create many jobs for residents and stimulate economic development in the region. Over the life of the program, ENEC will support and invest in Al Dhafra Region community and economy to support its sustainable growth. To achieve this, ENEC is working closely with Al Dhafra Region Development Council, Al Dhafra Region Municipality and the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council.

Results from annual opinion polls in the region and across the nation show that support for the project is very high amongst residents, in particular Emiratis. The latest poll found that 94% of residents believe that peaceful nuclear energy is extremely important, very important or important for the nation; up by five percent from 2011.

ENEC will continue to engage with Al Dhafra Region community throughout construction with regular ENEC forums held in Ruwais, and our continued involvement and support at local community events.