Business Excellence

Since the inception of ENEC, our Board of Directors and Executive Management Team have focused on achieving the highest level of business excellence. To meet this goal, ENEC established a Corporate Excellence program, which integrates the highest standards of business excellence throughout the organization.

In 2015, ENEC was awarded the prestigious “Most Distinguished Government Entity Award” at the fourth Abu Dhabi Awards for Excellence in Government Performance 2015.

Our Corporate Excellence program fosters success by:

  • Creating a transparent and friendly environment for employees
  • Maintaining up-to-date policies, procedures and processes, allowing for positive growth and success
  • Developing procedures and tools that meet industry standards
  • Conducting regular benchmarking to determine needs and to implement any needed improvements
  • Sharing lessons learned to enhance ENEC’s ability to deliver a cost-effective, sustainable, safe and transparent nuclear energy program
  • Facilitating communication both internally and externally in order to build and to nurture mutually beneficial working relationships

Together with ENEC’s Code of Ethics, Quality Assurance program and employee reporting program, the Corporate Excellence program provides ENEC with a strong, sound and sustainable business model from which to grow.