Industrial Safety

Ensuring a safe workplace for our people

From the outset, we have made the safety of our people, our communities, our environment and our plant, our overriding priority. Safety always has, and always will, come first.

We are committed to a Culture of Safety. The complex and extensive construction program underway at Barakah is a major focus of the Culture of Safety program’s efforts. We have nearly 25,000 people working at our site in Barakah to bring nuclear energy to the UAE. All activity is performed with safety in mind at all times to ensure the site remains a safe workplace for our employees every day.

Since preliminary site works began at Barakah back in 2010, ENEC has been focused on managing the project to ensure that all construction work meets the highest standards of safety and quality.

We work closely with our contractors, regulators and the international nuclear community to develop and maintain a world-class nuclear safety culture, policies and procedures. Regular safety and quality audits are a core part of the program; ensuring continual improvement in all areas of management and operation. We have hosted more than 7,500 dedicated safety trainings on site since the beginning of our program, attended by almost 250,000 attendees.

In February 2015, ENEC received the top award in the “Building Risk Management Capability” category at the Institute of Risk Management’s 2015 Global Risk Awards. ENEC received this award based on our commitment to the highest international standards of safety, quality and risk management.

As part of its commitment to safety, we have also established a rigorous independent Quality Assurance program to ensure that the UAE’s first nuclear energy plant is constructed, commissioned and operated in line with the best industry practices, governing codes and standards, regulations and license requirements. To date, ENEC has dedicated more than 41,000 man-hours to quality audits for all aspects of the program.

ENEC’s Quality Assurance program is applied to all aspects of work on the nuclear energy program. Regular training sessions, assessments and audits are conducted to ensure the organization’s high standards are met and continually improved upon. Importantly, the Quality Assurance program applies not just to ENEC, but to every contractor and subcontractor involved in the project – the entire supply chain. The program is documented in ENEC’s Quality Assurance Manual, which outlines the quality requirements and responsibilities for all activities conducted by, or on behalf of, ENEC, including oversight of its prime contractor, the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), as well as subcontractors and suppliers.

For the UAE’s first nuclear program, our main goals are very clear.

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