Excellence in Governance

ENEC established a strong governance philosophy and code of ethics that drives our business excellence and quality assurance missions, and aids us in meeting and exceeding international standards and certifications requirements.

By applying the leadership lessons of other successful nuclear energy programs and establishing effective reporting and assessment systems, we continue to positively transform the UAE's energy future.

Our governance philosophy is guided by eight principles that focus on achieving the organization’s goals and ensuring effective stewardship of the UAE’s Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program.

ENEC’s Governance Principles:

ENEC demonstrates fairness and equitable treatment of its stakeholders, and inspires and motivates people to work together to realize the organization’s vision and mission.

We promote effective and timely decision making through structured and efficient processes and procedures. This also ensures that decisions are made by those best placed to make them.

Transparency and Accountability:
ENEC is committed to clear, open and timely reporting with stakeholders. The organization manages responsibilities and accountabilities through an established delegation of authority and process to identify activities and decisions for allocating roles. We identify clear ownership and accountability for decision making at all levels of the organization.

Consult and Inform:
We use internal governance forums to provide accountable persons with access to an appropriately broad range of advice, support and challenges.

Laws and Regulations:
ENEC uses systems of internal control to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies and procedures. These are implemented and maintained by operational management with support from Compliance and Audit departments.

Effectiveness and Efficiency:
ENEC balances individual and collective accountabilities for decision making while embedding levels of trust in those responsible for decision making.

Minimize Need for Committee:
ENEC provides clarity in purpose and membership for all governance activities, with clear responsibility, authority and output for strategic decision making.

Maximize Authority Delegated to Each Executive:
We promote responsibilities and accountabilities in operational activities through an established delegation of authority for effective and timely decision making.

These principles help to:

  • Ensure effective decision making
  • Create a structured and systematic approach to performance management
  • Establish adequate risk management and control
  • Require disclosure and transparency
  • Encourage ethical conduct and professional relationships with stakeholders