Career Opportunities

The UAE has long been a leader in the global energy industry. Our forefathers pioneered this industry, and in so doing, they laid the foundations for our nation’s rapid growth and development.

Today we face a new challenge – a new energy industry needs the best and brightest minds from across the country to propel it forward.

To help develop this capability, ENEC established the Energy Pioneers program, which aims to develop a pipeline of Emirati talent as the nuclear energy program grows.

Our Energy Pioneers program is designed to attract our nation’s most promising science students, engineering graduates and experienced professionals, and train them to become leaders in the UAE’s growing nuclear energy sector.

Our Energy Pioneers will have an important role in the success of the nuclear energy program in the UAE, where they will receive training of the highest international standards by the industry’s leading global experts.

At ENEC, we recognize the importance of investing in our people. We offer excellent professional development opportunities, competitive packages, a flexible time policy, and a supportive working environment. As an entity wholly owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi, we value the traditions and heritage of the UAE, and the importance of family.

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Just some of the most exciting career paths open to you

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