Supplier Education

The ENEC Business & Industrial Development Department has dedicated teams to support business development and industrial development for the Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program in the UAE. The Department acts in line with the ENEC Enterprise strategy to ensure the sustainability of the Program through identifying, developing and utilizing the existing industrial capabilities of the local market and building alliances with international entities.

The ENEC Business & Industrial Development Department provides:

  • Support in developing new business opportunities to ensure the efficiency and sustainability of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant.
  • Interface with local and international entities to participate in the Barakah project and promote partnerships or Joint Ventures between international entities and local enterprises.
  • Strategic support to local companies by upgrading their technical and quality capabilities to meet the high standards of the international nuclear industry.

The Supplier Educational section serves to raise awareness about the opportunities for local and international suppliers in the Barakah project and increase local presence and participation in the project. It also aims to attract foreign investments into the UAE to support the supply chain for the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant and provide useful information for the investment opportunities in the UAE. We also provide information on the development plans we offer.