Strategic Roadmap

A focused organization

Following inception in 2009, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) was mandated by the UAE Government to deliver the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program, and develop the cornerstone of the UAE Program; the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant - the first nuclear new build project in the Arab World.

ENEC, along with the UAE Government, is working closely with the Korea Electric Power Corporation and several local, regional and international stakeholders to deliver on the goals for developing peaceful nuclear energy for the UAE. Through the construction of Barakah, ENEC is supporting the diversification of the UAE’s energy portfolio, providing clean electricity to meet the country’s domestic energy demand for decades to come,  and supporting the nation’s efforts towards sustainable economic growth and environmental protection.

To ensure we deliver each and every component of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program in a strategic, systematic manner, ENEC and its joint venture subsidiaries - Nawah Energy Company  and Barakah One Company - have developed the ENEC Enterprise Strategy 2020-2024, which is focused on meeting our strategic themes:

  1. Achieve efficient generation of safe, reliable and clean energy from all four reactor units safely and on schedule
  2. Establish an effective UAE nuclear sector value chain that secures timely, cost-efficient and high-quality products and services
  3. Develop our nuclear energy professionals and support our Emiratization program to train and employ UAE Nationals
  4. Embed a unique nuclear operating culture that enables a high-performing, multicultural team that lives our AT SITE values

The strategy aligns with our ‘AT SITE’ values of Accountability, Teamwork, Safety, Integrity, Trust and Excellence. All our employees have the values and behaviors to build on our existing culture, creating a way of working that prioritizes safety, and are relevant, respected and understood by our Emirati talent and multinational experts.