Training Facilities

ENEC has state-of-the-art training facilities and a robust certification program, and cooperates with nuclear operators around the world to ensure the implementation of the highest national and international standards of quality and safety in the operation of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant.

At the Barakah plant, ENEC has highly advanced training facilities, including two fill-scope APR1400 simulators. These sophisticated simulators replicate the exact conditions of the APR1400 and are key to gaining operational experience in simulated situations. To support the further training and development of reactor operators, engineers and maintenance personnel, ENEC is currently building a second Simulator Training Center at Barakah.

These simulators are among the most advanced nuclear training devices in the world due to their complex core modeling and ultramodern instrumentation and control systems. The simulators are used in conjunction with classroom and on-the-job training to teach senior reactor operator and reactor operator trainees the knowledge and skills needed to operate a nuclear energy plant.

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What are the three biggest myths in nuclear energy?

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