ENEC Updates International Nuclear Energy Experts at Fuel Conference


World Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference 2016 held in UAE capital

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) provided a project update on the status of the UAE peaceful nuclear energy program and the Barakah site to international nuclear industry leaders attending the inauguration of the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle (WNFC) conference, held in Abu Dhabi from 5-6 April. The capital of the UAE was selected to host the WNFC, a key conference that brings together nuclear energy leaders from around the world to address the latest developments of the nuclear fuel sector and the role of nuclear energy as a near-zero emissions electricity generation technology.

Dr. Mohamed Chookah, ENEC Executive Director of Nuclear Fuel Procurement welcomed attendees and provided a project update on the status of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Project. WNFC attendees also received an exclusive invitation to visit the Barakah site and witness the construction and preparations for operations of the four APR-1400 units in Barakah.

During his presentation, Dr. Chookah stressed on the safety and quality priorities that ENEC enforces in the development of Barakah. Dr. Chookah also provided construction updates and the status of the preparations led by ENEC to safely operate Unit 1, the inaugural unit of the UAE peaceful nuclear energy program.

The WNFC is an annual conference that serves as a top-level international forum for senior industry leaders to discuss the issues affecting the commercial nuclear fuel cycle today, with a focus on enhancing the economic competitiveness of the nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear energy. ENEC is a lead sponsor of the 2016 WNFC.

Companies and individuals who attended the conference are connected with cutting-edge information and emerging trends which affect the nuclear industry. Leading industry experts provide insight into the complex and changing fuel marketplace. The WNFC conference also provided many opportunities to network with high-level industry executives.

ENEC has illustrated its ability and commitment to meeting the ambitious milestones of the UAE’s policy on the development of nuclear energy and is committed to the delivery of safe, clean, reliable and efficient nuclear energy to the UAE.

The construction of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant commenced in 2012, and the four nuclear energy units are scheduled for completion in 2020. With four reactors online, the facility will deliver up to a quarter of the UAE’s electricity needs and save up to 12 million tons in carbon emissions every year. The project at Barakah is progressing steadily, Unit 1 is now more than 85 percent complete, Unit 2 is 67 percent complete, Unit 3 is 44 percent complete and Unit 4 is 27 percent complete. Overall, construction of Units 1 to 4 is now more than 62 percent complete.

All four units will deliver safe, clean, reliable and efficient nuclear energy to the UAE grid, pending regulatory reviews and licensing.