ENEC Hosts Republic of Korea’s Minister of Knowledge Economy at Preferred Site of Barakah


The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) today hosted Mr. Suk Woo Hong, Minister of Knowledge Economy for the Government of the Republic of Korea, at its site in Barakah, the preferred site for the UAE’s first nuclear energy plants, where preliminary construction works are underway.

The Republic of Korea is a leading civil nuclear energy nation. In 2009, ENEC awarded the Prime Contract to construct the UAE’s first nuclear energy plants to a consortium led by the Korean Electric Power Company (KEPCO), one of the world leaders in safety, plant reliability and efficiency.

The KEPCO consortium will design, build and help operate four 1,400 MW nuclear power plants in the UAE.  The first plant is expected to start operating in 2017. The other three plants are scheduled to be completed and operational by 2020.

ENEC’s Chief Executive Officer Mohamed Al Hammadi accompanied Mr Hong and his delegation earlier today on their tour of the site to discuss the progress achieved and future plans for the development of the nuclear energy program. Today’s visit is the latest in a series by Korean partners to the site, including a visit by South Korean Prime Minister Kim Hwang-Sik to Barakah in January this year.

“Today’s visit continues the clear and visible commitment by the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy to support the development of a world-leading civil nuclear energy program in the UAE,” said Mr Al Hammadi. “Our program continues to benefit from the experience and expertise of our Korean partners. We look forward to continued success and collaboration throughout the duration of the program as we work together to bring safe, clean, reliable and efficient nuclear energy to the nation.”

ENEC has selected KEPCO’s APR1400, a Generation III, 1400 Megawatt nuclear energy plant - proven technology that meets the highest international standards for safety and performance. The plants are designed to withstand extreme events including tsunami, earthquake and station black-out.

Preliminary site preparation works are currently underway at the proposed site. The construction of the first two units cannot commence until ENEC receives the Construction License from the UAE’s independent nuclear energy regulator, the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR).