FANR Certifies First Group of UAE National Reactor Operators


The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) and its subsidiary in charge of operations and maintenance of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant, Nawah Energy Company (Nawah), have received the official certification of the first group of 15 UAE National Senior Reactor Operators (SROs) and Reactor Operators (ROs) from the UAE’s Nuclear Regulator – the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR). The certification is part of complying with FANR’s Regulation 17 ‘Regulation for the Certification of Operating Personnel at Nuclear Facilities’ and is a key requirement for future receipt of the Operating License.  

Reactor operators are responsible for operating and managing a nuclear plant through the Main Control Room (MCR) of a nuclear unit. This includes regular operations including starting up a nuclear reactor, shutting down a nuclear reactor, and monitoring reactor parameters, as well as ensuring safety during emergencies.

The certification of Nawah’s first group of UAE National Senior Reactor Operators and Reactor Operators represents a significant step forward in the UAE’s efforts to build capacity, skills and talent for the future of the UAE’s nuclear energy industry. The UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program is creating new, high value job opportunities that will play a significant role in diversifying the UAE’s economy and supporting sustainable economic development for decades to come.

The first group of reactor operators took part in a three-year training program developed by ENEC and Nawah, according to the regulations set out by FANR. The program combines hands-on experience from some of the industry’s leading engineering and nuclear energy experts to ensure the students enter the UAE’s nuclear energy industry with world-class training. The operators trained both at ENEC’s state-of-the-art Simulator Training Center facility at the Barakah plant, as well as at operational nuclear energy plants in the United States and South Korea.

After obtaining the certification, FANR will verify Nawah’s refresher training program every two years, which will include confirmation of an operator’s competency in line with the regulatory requirements. All operators take part in the Certified Operator Continuous Training program to train for handling different situations, adapt to any changes in operating procedures and fulfill FANR’s requirements.