Nuclear-Related Products & Services

ENEC and its subsidiary mandated to operate and maintain the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant, Nawah Energy Company, are committed to the highest standards of safety and quality in all aspects of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program. To ensure these standards are met, the procurement of nuclear-related products and services follows a strict and robust process.

Nuclear-related materials and services are essential to the operation and maintenance of any nuclear plant. The nuclear island includes the nuclear reactor, with safety and protection systems and radiation monitoring. ENEC retains responsibility for that safety and quality of any items and services that can affect nuclear safety and Nawah has implemented a Quality Management System to ensure that consistent controls are implemented over the entire supply chain.

Approximately 20% to 30% of items and services required at an operating nuclear plant are safety-related (Quality Class ‘Q’) requiring a NQA-1 compliant program. Remaining 70% to 80% are non-safety related (Quality Class ‘T’, ‘R’ & ‘S’).

Providers of maintenance services and component manufacturers located in the UAE with experience in manufacturing thermal energy plant equipment can be qualified to manufacture equipment for the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program if they meet reliability, nuclear qualifications and other conventional manufacturing requirements. This creates unique opportunities for existing companies in the nation to become suppliers for the Barakah Plant throughout its 60 or more years of operation.

ENEC’s Industrial Development Department is leading the localization process with the long-term aim of identifying and developing interested UAE companies to qualify and meet the high quality requirements of the global nuclear industry. This qualification is awarded with the necessary certifications that allow suppliers to access local and international markets for the supply of nuclear goods and services.