Health, Safety and Environment Requirements

The safety of the public, our employees and the Barakah plant is the overriding priority for everyone at ENEC and we are committed to meeting the highest international safety, security and quality standards. ENEC and Nawah expect all suppliers to work safely and in compliance with all applicable safety rules, laws, standards, regulations, procedures and rules of the Code of Conduct. To ensure the implementation of these expectations, ENEC maintains a fully accredited Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System, and all suppliers (including subcontractors and sub-suppliers) are required to comply with all applicable requirements.

Health and safety expectations and requirements are set in the HSE Management Procedure available below. Additional requirements specific to the work undertaken by a supplier may be specified in the relevant contract based on the assessed level of risk with the scope of works being undertaken.

Guides and Reference Documents:

• Download the Supplier Code of Conduct
• Download the Contractor HSE Management Procedure