The Sudo summer internship program


The Sudo summer internship program

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) in partnership with the Institute of Applied Technology (IAT), Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) and Sudo Electric Technical High School (SEHS) has developed the Sudo summer internship program which aims to nurture students’ academic knowledge and experience with practical applications in nanotechnology and nanoscience.

ENEC is providing sponsorships for high-ranked IAT Grade 11 students to undergo a one week program at SEHS which will cover various theoretical and practical topics such as Mechatronics, refrigeration, CNC, AutoCAD and Electronic Circuits SEHS. Following this, students will undergo a one week hands on training program at KEPCO, where they will be exposed to the nuclear training facility and receive extensive training in nuclear operative devices.

Developed with an aim to provide students with specialist technical training and expertise, the program helps build interns knowledge in the future of power supply technologies and develop a skills set that will allow them to contribute to the UAE’s economic and social growth. Additionally, the program offers students a varied curriculum including field trips to many of the countries with leading nanotechnology research centres, tours of industry related parks and a tour of some of Korea’s most advanced nuclear plants. The Sudo training program also includes many afterschool activities offering student’s exposure to the rich Korean Culture.

These talented engineers will be at the forefront of the UAE Nuclear Energy Program’s development and critical to its success.

Success of the Sudo Program

The inaugural Sudo program, launched in 2010, proved an unprecedented success with 48 Abu Dhabi-based students receiving invaluable technical training on nuclear energy during the four week course in South Korea last summer. The program included trips to leading nuclear research centres, a tour of the Hsinchu Science and Technology Industrial Park, home to 360 high tech and R'&'D companies specializing in nanotechnology, semi-conductors and optical electronics and a tour of the nuclear plants in Bosan, Korea’s second largest city.

Shaikh Ahmed Almoalla, a freshmen from Khalifa University who participated in the 2010 course found the program extremely valuable for the progression of his academic career commenting: "It was extremely beneficial to be able to interact with experts in the field and learn through practical training rather than solely relying on theoretical approach".