ENEC Hosts Successful Public Forum On Dalma Island In The Western Region Of Abu Dhabi


The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation’s (ENEC) recent public forum at Dalma Island in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi was attended by around 80 residents, members of the public and students. The forum’s purpose was to help educate citizens on the importance of nuclear energy and the progress being made at the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant (Barakah NPP).

As part of ENEC’s ongoing commitment to community engagement, the forum also focused on education and awareness of nuclear energy as the company develops the nation’s first nuclear power plant under the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy program.

“I am very proud of what ENEC has achieved so far with our communications and outreach program. We have held 19 forums to date attended by over 6500 UAE residents who have had the opportunity to learn about different aspects of this new industry ENEC is bringing to the UAE,” said H.E. Mohamed Al Hammadi, ENEC’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Informing and educating the UAE about nuclear energy has been a large part of our journey since the inception of the project in 2009. Being able to openly discuss how nuclear energy will play an important part in the growth of the country’s economic development, as well the progress of the Barakah NPP has been an invaluable exercise for both ENEC and UAE residents. I look forward to continuing our outreach programs into the future and throughout the life of the plant.”

The forum was open to all residents and provided an interactive and open platform where the public learnt about how a nuclear power plant works, as well as key updates from the program. The forums also included an open Q&A session where attendees questioned Senior Mechanical Engineer, Ali Al Mansoori directly.

Topics such as the safety of the APR-1400 design, radiation, the efficiency of nuclear energy, and the positive impact the Barakah NPP will have for the UAE, were also discussed.

The Barakah NPP will eventually consist of four nuclear power generating units, safely housed in two plants, with a combined capacity of approximately 5,600 MW. Barakah Unit 1 is now more than 78% complete, Unit 2 almost 56% complete, and construction of the overall Units 1 to 4 program now 52% complete.

The UAE peaceful nuclear energy program is scheduled to be complete by 2020, when Unit 4 is connected to the grid and provide the UAE with emissions-free electricity to power the future growth of the nation.