ENEC Hosts Successful Public Forum In Mirfa And Ghayathi In The Western Region Of Abu Dhabi


The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation’s (ENEC) recently organised two public forums in Mirfa and Ghayathi in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, and they were attended by around 85 residents. The forums are part of ENEC’s ongoing commitment to community engagement in the Western Region where ENEC is developing the nation’s first nuclear power plant through the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy program.

The audience had the opportunity to hear an update on the plant’s progress, as well as specific information about how a nuclear power plant operates. The forums also included an open Q&A session.

“The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation continues its community outreach efforts with the aim of raising awareness of nuclear energy as a safe, clean, reliable and efficient source of electricity,” said H.E. Mohamed Al Hammadi, ENEC’s Chief Executive Officer.

“We’ve recently held three forums in the Western Region demonstrating our commitment to the community in and around the area where we are building the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant. The latest two forums in Mirfa and Ghayathi provided a perfect platform for an open and in-depth discussion on the latest developments at Barakah as well as addressing any questions residents have about nuclear energy.”

“The forums are a testament of ENEC’s commitment to inform the UAE community about the benefits of nuclear energy, and our commitment to delivering a world-class program with safety being the overriding priority at all times,” he added.

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Ali Al Mansoori delivered a presentation to the audience and answered questions covering a wide range of issues including details on parts of the plant, careers at ENEC and the efficiency of the electricity that will be produced and provide up to a quarter of the UAE’s energy needs once fully operational.

The Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant will eventually consist of four nuclear power generating units, safely housed in two plants, with a combined capacity of approximately 5,600 MW. Barakah Unit 1 is now more than 81% complete, Unit 2 almost 60% complete, and construction of the overall Units 1 to 4 program now over 54% complete.

The UAE peaceful nuclear energy program is scheduled to be complete by 2020, when Unit 4 is connected to the grid and provide the UAE with emissions-free electricity to power the future growth of the nation.