ENEC Helps Young Emiratis To Become World Leaders In Nuclear Energy


- ENEC is playing an instrumental role in the continued growth of the UAE - World Nuclear Association’s Conference marks 60 years of civil nuclear energy

The construction of the UAE’s first nuclear energy power station is improving the country’s academic capabilities and nurturing a new generation of Emirati nuclear scientists, said Mohamed Al Hammadi, CEO of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Company (ENEC).

“Through ENEC’s development programs such as the Energy Pioneers scholarship we are addressing the specific technical engineering skills needed to develop young Emiratis to lead UAE’s nuclear energy program as part of the country’s continued growth.”

In an introductory speech at the World Nuclear Association’s (WNA) annual symposium last week the CEO addressed an audience of industry representatives from over 30 countries and highlighted how ENEC was helping young Emiratis to develop and become world-leaders in nuclear energy. In addition, as part of a panel of nuclear experts discussing the key issues facing the industry over the next 60 years, he updated the international audience on ENEC’s progress in the UAE’s Peaceful Nuclear Energy Programme, advising that unit 1 is now over 57 % complete and on track to begin supplying clean, safe energy to the grid in 2017.

“Nuclear energy is a proven solution to energy security, climate change and long term sustainability. We are safely constructing four reactors at the site in Barakah, providing skilled jobs for Emiratis as well as contributing to the continued growth of the UAE and diversifying the country’s energy sources. The symposium has covered all aspects of nuclear energy in the world today and reinforces what we in the industry already know that when properly designed and operated nuclear energy is one of the cleanest and safest proven power generation technologies,” continued Mohammed Al Hammadi.

The WNA symposium is now in its 40th year and this year’s two-day conference was attended by leaders from all areas of the nuclear energy industry including generation, supply chain and fuel suppliers.

On the last day of the conference Mohamed Al Hammadi spoke on a panel made up of international nuclear experts including Mats Ladeborn, Head of Nuclear Development at Vattenfall, Kirill Komarov, Deputy Director General, International Business and Development at Rosatom, Luc Oursel, President and CEO of Areva, Herkko Plit, Deputy Director General for the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy and Danny Roderick, President and CEO of Westinghouse Electric Company.

The panel discussed the outlook for the nuclear energy industry over the next 60 years. In addition to topics included challenges such as financing for new build projects and how the industry has lesson learned have contributed in enhancing safety measures in existing stations as well as in new plant under construction.