Localization Opportunities

Today, almost all industries around the world are considering different methods to develop a closer relationship with the key players who form part of their supply chain. One of the main aspects of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program is the establishment of a local nuclear energy industry and supply chain, generating opportunities for local suppliers and promoting sustainable economic growth. To date, more than 2,000 UAE companies have successfully secured contracts totaling more than US $4.8 billion for a range of products and services to support the construction of the UAE’s first nuclear energy plant.

To support local companies, ENEC established a dedicated Industrial Development Team to work alongside UAE companies to ensure they meet the strict quality and technical standards required to tender for contracts for the UAE Program. The ENEC Strategy 2020-2024 further mandates and empowers the Industrial Development Team to build a sustainable localized nuclear supply chain and to encourage international vendors in establishing new facilities in the UAE.

As part of this strategy, our Operational Spare Parts and Services (OSPS) Localization Plan was initiated in 2019 to enable local vendors to become part of ENEC’s and Nawah’s supply chain and to ensure that both parties are supporting the strategic objectives of the UAE Program. ENEC has conducted an analysis of the UAE’s industrial sector and found that a large number of companies who traditionally serve the oil and gas sector have the capability to support the Barakah Plant with their manufacturing, maintenance and other types of services. The qualification of these companies to meet the high requirements of the nuclear industry is aligned with the UAE strategy for development and boosting competitiveness and entrepreneurship.

The ENEC Industrial Development Team is responsible for providing support to local suppliers to develop and obtain the necessary qualifications to become suppliers for the UAE nuclear industry. At the same time, the Nawah Procurement and Supply Chain team is working on creating more opportunities for local companies during the 60 or more years of operation of the Barakah plant, especially as part of the maintenance outages at the four Units.

Nuclear industry opportunities for local companies

  • Long-term contracts (considering the 60 or more years of operation of the Barakah Plant)
  • Long-term government economic strategies, support and investment incentives (UAE vision 2030)
  • Expansion of peaceful nuclear energy across the MENA region
  • Implementation of nuclear quality management system by local companies will benefit other industries
  • Partnership opportunities with experienced nuclear international organizations

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