Nuclear Innovation & Technology Award


AI for Accelerating Nuclear Applications - 2024

Join us for the Nuclear Innovation & Technology Award by the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation. This award seeks innovative proposals on how we can utilize AI to enhance nuclear efficiency, safety, and sustainability, including power optimization, operation, maintenance, and waste management. Winners will be announced at the Nuclear Innovation Technology Summer School (NITSS) which will be held in Abu Dhabi later this year.

Who can apply?

It is open for everyone from the UAE and outside.

Participants can be individuals or teams from academic institutions, research organizations, startups, or established companies.

Participants Categories:

  • Category 1: High Schools
  • Category 2: Academic & Research Institutes
  • Category 3: Companies & Entities

Submission Requirements:

  1. Abstract:

A concise summary of the proposal, including the problem addressed, AI solution, and expected impact. (Half A4 Page)

  1. Introduction:

Background information on the problem and justification for the AI approach. (1 A4 Page)

  1. Technical Description:

Detailed explanation of the AI technology to be used, including data sources, algorithms, models, and implementation plan. (1 A4 Page)

  1. Nuclear Application:

Description of the nuclear application, how the AI solution will be integrated, and the anticipated improvements. (1 A4 Page)

  1. Impact Assessment:

Analysis of the potential economic, environmental, and safety impacts. (Half A4 Page)

  1. Feasibility Study:

Evaluation of the technical and economic feasibility, including a timeline, budget estimate, and required resources. (1 A4 Page)

  1. Team Description:

Information about the participants, including their qualifications and roles in the project. (1 A4 Page)

Submission Guidelines

Submissions must be original, unpublished, and showcase expertise in AI and relevant knowledge of nuclear applications.


  • PDF
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 point, single spaced
  • English language

Award Process:

  • Review and Judging: Proposals will be reviewed by a panel of experts in AI, nuclear science, and industry stakeholders.
  • Finalists Presentation: The top three shortlisted proposals from each category will be presented on the last day of the Nuclear Innovation and Technology Summer School, offering finalists the opportunity to engage with experts and peers in the field.
  • Announcement of Winners: Three winners for each category will be selected and receive the awards in the Closing Ceremony.


Three winners from each category will get the opportunity to:

  1. Win valuable prizes
  2. Join the Nuclear Innovation & Technology Summer School (NITSS) which is run by ENEC allowing the winners to engage with experts and peers in the civil nuclear field.

Deadline: 07 July 2024

For clarification: Contact for submissions and more details.