Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation Grows To More Than 1,200 Employees


ENEC continues to build skilled local nuclear energy workforce, with Emiratization rate at almost 63.4%

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has reached a major milestone this week, with the organisation growing to more than 1,200 employees. Talented Emirati nationals make up 63.4% percent of employees, keeping ENEC on track with its 60% Emiratization target.

In just five years, ENEC has grown from only 64 employees in 2009 to more than 1,200 men and women today, all working to deliver safe, clean and reliable nuclear energy to the UAE by 2017. The organization’s burgeoning workforce now consists of more than 35 different nationalities, including more than 762 of the nation’s brightest Emirati minds who are at the heart of ENEC’s growth strategy.

Nuclear energy is set to play an important role in the UAE’s future energy supply, delivering 25% of the UAE’s electricity needs by 2020. ENEC will need around 2,500 employees by this time to power the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy program, and ensure the safe and efficient operation of its four nuclear energy plants.

“Developing a new nuclear energy sector is a significant undertaking. In order to achieve our objectives and deliver our project on time, ENEC require a large and diverse group of talented individuals to drive our program forward, including a mix of experienced professionals and fresh talent,” commented Mohamed Al Hammadi, Chief Executive Officer of ENEC.

“ENEC is working to ensure Emiratis play a decisive role in the UAE’s nuclear energy industry, and we are proud that our rapid growth has been achieved while maintaining the organization’s commitment to Emiratization.”

ENEC’s Energy Pioneers program works to attract and develop the country’s most talented science students, engineering graduates and experienced professionals, and provide them with an opportunity to become pioneers of the country’s emerging nuclear energy sector. The program is critical in building a national skill base to staff the UAE’s nuclear energy industry.

ENEC’s wide range of technical and degree scholarships offer talented students the opportunity to develop the specialized knowledge and practical experience to join the industry as a qualified technician or engineer; helping to operate the UAE’s first nuclear energy plants. To date, ENEC has awarded scholarships to more than 340 Emirati nationals in a range of programs.

As the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy program continues to gain momentum, it is an exciting time to choose a career in nuclear energy. Not only do ENEC employees join an industry that is committed to continuous investment in its people, providing a long-term and rewarding career path and world class training; they also join an industry that is playing a critical role in the development of the UAE.

ENEC has continued its search for talented Emiratis to join its program, with participation at the EmiratesSkills, Careers UAE and Tawdheef Career Fair events, as well as many more road shows and career fairs planned for the year ahead. For more information about ENEC and our Energy Pioneers program, visit: www.enec.gov.abudhabi.