Contributing to the UAE Innovation Month ENEC launches a week of workshops and events to promote development and innovation



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As part of its contribution to the UAE Innovation Month, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has launched the Innovation Week in its Headquarters in Abu Dhabi and at the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant site in the Al Dhafra region, Abu Dhabi.

ENEC’s Innovation Week features interactive workshops and other activities that promote innovative thinking amongst employees and stakeholders, with the aim of improving productivity and work processes and enhancing operational efficiency.

In an opening note to ENEC’s Innovation Week, H.E. Eng. Mohamed Al Hammadi, Chief Executive Officer, stressed ENEC’s commitment to honor the directives of the UAE’s wise leadership in terms of promoting the culture of innovation and make it a sustainable practice throughout the year. He noted that innovation has become a high priority to come up with creative solutions for challenges and to press ahead in the development of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program according to the highest global standards of safety, security and quality.

Organized between 4-8 February, 2018, the agenda of ENEC’s Innovation Week includes workshops and events that address several issues including innovation with partners, several Hackathon competitions where teams focus on finding innovative solutions to a number of internal challenges using advanced thinking techniques, in addition to the Youth Circle, ENEC’s digital transformation process, R&D, Innovation Council and School Innovation Festival for students.