David V. Scott

Member, Board of Directors

Mr. David Scott serves as Board Member of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation’s Board of Directors. He is an expert in strategy formulation and implementation with an extensive track record of successful engagements involving multi-billion dollar projects and ventures.

Mr. Scott serves as a long-time advisor to the Chairman of the Executive Affairs Authority of the government of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Scott is the founder and president of the Investment Diplomacy Group (IDG), a bespoke US-based consultancy providing expert advice on transactions and ventures that combine a high degree of both commercial and political complexity. He additionally sits on the board of the Seattle-based TerraPower, as well as advisory boards for San Diego-based General Atomics and London-based Lloyd’s Register.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Scott served in various positions within the US government, including at the White House, where he served as National Security Council Director for North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

He is a graduate of Brigham Young University and the Defense Language Institute and was a graduate fellow with the Center for Arabic Studies Abroad at the American University of Cairo (Egypt).