Quality Assurance (QA) Requirements

Nawah suppliers have to comply with different QA requirements depending on the items or services provided.

Barakah NPP structures, systems, components or services are classified under four quality categories:

  • Quality Class (S) – is applied to those Non-Nuclear Safety structures, systems, components or services which are not classified as Quality Class Q, T, or R. Quality Class S items are designed and fabricated per accepted engineering and industrial standards.
  • Reliability Critical (R) – The items or services that will not affect the safety of nuclear reactors even if breakdowns or defects occur but will significantly affect facility reliability because their breakdowns or defects will affect the operation of electric power facilities or require large-scale restoration works.
  • Safety Impact (T) – The items or services that may affect the functions of safety- related plant feature if any breakdown or defect occurs.
  • Safety Related (Q) – Systems, structures, components, procedures and controls of a facility or process that are relied upon to remain functional during and following design basis events.

To learn more about the requirements for each supplier category and the quality classifications of the items and services, please click here.