Register with ENEC/Nawah

  • The first step is to register as a supplier on the ENEC and Nawah portal. All information is available here.
  • If the procured item or service is safety-related, the supplier will need to be added to the Nawah Approved Suppliers List (Instructions to be provided to supplier by Nawah Procurement & Supply Chain department).

Important notes:

To be qualified by Nawah to NASL for Safety related items or services (Q class), vendors shall have an NQA-1 compliant QA program and be audited by Nawah QA unless they are qualified by NUPIC. For augmented quality items or services (T & R class), to be added to NASL, Industrial quality program (ISO 9001) with additional requirements identified by Nawah will be required.

Suppliers to be added to the NASL are only those supplying safety-related items or services (quality class Q, T or R).

Tenders are not accessible through the portal; they will be communicated by Nawah Procurement & Supply Chain department directly to the shortlisted bidders.