Sharjah Students Attend Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation’s Public Forum


ENEC hosts public forum to increase awareness and understanding of the UAE’s nuclear energy program, Sharjah Students

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) hosted an open forum in Sharjah at the Higher Colleges of Technology – Sharjah Men’s College in conjunction with HCT yesterday as part of its series of community meetings. The forum is the continuation of an ongoing comprehensive public education and outreach program, which extends across all Emirates and aims to increase the awareness and understanding about the UAE’s peaceful civil nuclear energy program.

More than 300 students attending the forum heard ENEC senior management outline the context for the UAE’s development of nuclear energy and its role in the future energy mix. ENEC's Deputy Chief Nuclear Officer, Ahmed Al Mazrouei shared the latest developments in the program as it prepares to build and operate the nation’s first nuclear energy plants.

Explaining the need for the forums, Mr Al Mazrouei said: “Nuclear energy will help the UAE meet its growing need for electricity, and by 2020 it will provide as much as 25 per cent of our power. Safe and reliable, nuclear energy will help us power the growth of our nation. Its is only natural that such a large, complex and critically important program will raise questions for residents. These forums allow us to meet people and answer all their questions about safety, about infrastructure, and about the future of the industry – an industry set to provide more than 2,000 jobs in the coming eight years.”

Experienced nuclear engineers also gave an overview of how nuclear energy works, providing insight and answering questions about a wide range of topics including uranium, radiation, the efficiency of nuclear energy, safety and nuclear energy’s impact on the environment. The forum stressed the wide range of career opportunities in the nuclear energy sector that are open to both science students looking forward to starting their careers and to experienced professionals.

The UAE has been widely praised for its commitment to peaceful and transparent nuclear energy development, setting a Gold Standard for the industry. Bringing together the public with nuclear experts for open discussion and education in venues across the country is a key part of its development program.