Senior Reactor Operator Program


Help Set the Standard for the UAE’s Energy Future and become a leader in the nation’s nuclear energy program

Empowering the Nation

Studies show that the UAE will need 40,000 MW of additional electricity by 2020 to meet annual peak demand. This electricity is critical for our dynamic economy. After carefully evaluating the options to responsibly meet future electricity needs, the UAE government decided to pursue a civil nuclear energy program and needs qualified candidates today to prepare to lead this growing sector.

The international community has praised the UAE for our transparent and engaged approach to developing a peaceful, safe nuclear energy program.


A model Nuclear Energy Program

We are setting the gold standard to provide safe, reliable, clean and efficient nuclear energy.

In 2008, the UAE established the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) to develop and manage the nation’s peaceful nuclear energy program. ENEC selected Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), a world leader in safe operations, to provide the UAE with four nuclear reactors.

KEPCO’s world-class reactor design, the APR-1400, is an advanced pressurized water reactor. ENEC expects the first APR-1400 to be operational by 2017. It will immediately provide clean-air energy to power more than one million homes.


ENEC’s Senior Reactor Operator Training Program

The UAE’s commitment to excellence in the nuclear energy industry extends to recruiting the best talent and providing top-tier training. ENEC is seeking qualified UAE nationals to train for a select number of Senior Reactor Operator positions needed for the nation’s first nuclear power plants. 

Senior Reactor Operators direct and supervise a nuclear reactor’s safe operations, maintenance, and testing. As such, they require a deep understanding of technical matters and must possess:

  • Leadership skills and motivation
  • Management capabilities
  • Teamwork skills
  • Good judgment
  • High values and integrity


There are a limited number of spaces available in ENEC’s inaugural Senior Reactor Operator training program. ENEC will select an elite group for this program, which prepares participants to attain Senior Reactor Operator Licensure/Certification. This exciting program involves international travel, simulator training and on-the-job preparation.

Contribute to ENEC’s Culture of Excellence

ENEC offers highly rewarding career opportunities in the UAE’s nuclear energy industry, which is leading a new era of clean, safe energy production. ENEC employees benefit from competitive compensation and opportunities for personal and career growth.


A Career Path Like No Other

Only 24 talented engineers will be qualified to enter the first Senior Reactor Operators program and embark on an exclusive international program that will include technical and on-site training at some of the world’s most advanced nuclear facilities.

Your career path as a Senior Reactor Operator will include:

  • Over 2,000 hours of hands on operating plant training
  • Management and leadership training
  • Over 800 hours of advanced simulator training
  • Training in nuclear plant systems and fundamentals


Take the First Step…

To learn more about ENEC’s Senior Reactor Operator training program, contact Ahmed Al Meheiri (, lead recruiter for the Senior Reactor Operator Training Program at.

Or visit for more information.


Senior Reactor Operator Training Program
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