ENEC recognizes achievements of top performing students from Al Dhafra during Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant ceremony


- The Al Dhafra 11th and 12th Grade Top Performers Recognition forms part of ENEC’s commitment to empowering the next generation of clean electricity leaders

- Al Dhafra 11th and 12th Grade Top Performers Recognition a key CSR program for ENEC in the Al Dhafra region

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) hosted a recognition ceremony at the Barakah plant for top performing students from the 11th and 12th grades in the Al Dhafra region. The event forms part of ENEC’s commitment to providing talented UAE youth with the skills, expertise and experience necessary to become the future leaders of the nation’s growing nuclear energy sector.  

The ceremony included an educational tour, held as part of ENEC’s student outreach program, giving students the opportunity to visit the Barakah Plant – the first multi-unit operational nuclear plant in the Arab World. Located in the Al Dhafra region, the top performers had the opportunity to witness first-hand how this UAE megaproject is generating clean electricity 24/7 tackling climate change today by decarbonizing the nation’s power sector on the way to Net Zero 2050. His Excellency Mohamed Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ENEC, attended the recognition ceremony along with ENEC and Nawah employees, offering students practical advice and guidance that will help them with their future careers.

During the visit, the high performing students from Al Dhafra were shown the Simulator training Center (STC), and met senior reactor operators (SROs) and reactor operators (ROs) who explained to them how the Barakah Plant works and generates thousands of megawatts of clean electricity every day. The zero carbon emissions, 24/7, clean electricity generated at Barakah is sustainably powering homes, business and high-tech industries across the UAE. The Plant is also the catalyst for driving innovation and R&D in areas like clean hydrogen and SMR development to ensure the realization of the full scope of the UAE Program.

His Excellency Mohamed Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ENEC, said: “We are pleased to welcome top-performing students to the Barakah Plant as we ensure youth continue to have a future role in the UAE’s rapid transition to Net Zero. Our outreach program has inspired and trained thousands of Emiratis, providing them with knowledge and skills to become clean electricity leaders and climate change champions.

“The Emirati-led teams operating and maintaining the Barakah Plant are the result of our long-term investment and commitment to develop the best and brightest science, technology, engineering and mathematics students in the UAE. These talented youth from Al Dhafra have witnessed first-hand the diverse opportunities available at Barakah, with experts working here from 50 different nationalities. The Plant requires people with advanced capabilities, skills and expertise to deliver clean electricity and we will continue to provide youth with the education and training needed to play a future role in the UAE’s growing nuclear energy industry,” added Al Hammadi.  

The educational tour falls in line with ENEC’s commitment to providing continuous support to the Al Dhafra region and community as part of its CSR program. ENEC and Nawah support a wide range of events and activities that contribute to economic diversification, sustainable growth and social prosperity in the UAE.

A powerhouse for the nation’s development, energy security and stability, the Plant generates high-value jobs and stimulates the growth of local industries. Barakah also provides significant environmental benefits for the Nation today and for the next 60 years and beyond, through rapid decarbonization of the energy sector. When fully operational, the Plant will prevent 22.4 million tons of carbon emissions - the leading cause of climate change - every year.