ENEC Public Forums Focus on the Latest Updates in the UAE’s Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program


Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), the organization responsible for the development and operation of the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy program, recently held public forums in in Silla and Abu Dhabi. Attendees at Silla and the Abu Dhabi public forums heard from the CEO and senior management on the latest developments and progress of the UAE’s nuclear energy program.

The forums were held in the Al Silla wedding hall in Silla and saw more than 300 attendees. In Abu Dhabi, it was held at the ADNEC exhibition Centre with more than 150 people in attendance. The sessions were conducted in Arabic with English translation and covered a range of topics including construction updates and human capital development.

A panel of Emirati experts from ENEC explained the benefits of nuclear energy, the particular safety aspects ENEC is using and how safety is embedded in ENEC’s culture. Career development and training programs were also a key focus of the forums as ENEC looks to recruit the UAE’s brightest talent.

ENEC’s Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Al Hammadi said: “As part of our commitment to transparency, we are proud to continue working with the public and explaining the contribution of the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy program to the economic and social growth of the UAE. We are delighted to see so many residents present at the forum, which presented a great opportunity to hear their questions and answer them with the latest updates on ENEC’s progress.”

The events were covered on social media and followers posted comments and questions about ENEC’s goals, the latest updates from the UAE nuclear program as well as recruitment and scholarships. They also expressed their support and pride for the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy program.

ENEC recently announced that the organization has grown to more than 1,300 employees, with Emirati nationals making up more than 60% percent of its workforce in line with the company’s Emiratisation target.

By 2020, ENEC will require approximately 2,500 employees to power the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy program, and ensure the safe and efficient operation of its four nuclear energy reactors. Emiratis interested in exploring a challenging and rewarding career with the UAE’s nuclear energy program can visit www.enec.gov.abudhabi for more information on ENEC’s Energy Pioneers program and scholarship opportunities.