ENEC Appoints Mats Ladeborn as new Enterprise Chief of Nuclear Operations


- Mr. Ladeborn brings more than 37 years of international nuclear industry experience to the UAE’s Barakah project

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has appointed Mats Ladeborn as the Corporation’s new Enterprise Chief of Nuclear Operations (ECNO). Mr. Ladeborn brings substantial international industry expertise from his 37-year career in the nuclear energy sector.

Mats brings extensive nuclear experience in the global nuclear energy industry and is known for leading with a collaborative approach and fostering teamwork, which aligns well with ENEC and its subsidiaries’ multicultural workforce. As an international nuclear expert, Mats will focus on knowledge transfer to ensure the development of UAE national nuclear professionals, supporting the sustainability of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program over the decades ahead.    

Prior to being appointed as ECNO, Mr. Ladeborn was Vice President of Fleet Development at Vattenfall Group in Sweden, a European energy company with nuclear energy plants in Sweden and Germany. He was responsible for fulfilling World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) objectives across all aspects of nuclear oversight including strategy and plant performance, overseeing a fleet of seven plants.

He has previously been a member of the governing board for WANO Paris Centre, and has sat on a number of international boards, including FORATOM, the Brussels-based trade association for the nuclear energy industry in Europe and is member of a high-level working group within the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Mr. Ladeborn holds a Master of Technology and is a qualified Fleet Oversight Director.

With Unit 1 now operational, ENEC recently announced the construction completion of Unit 2, with operational readiness preparations now underway by its operating and maintenance subsidiary, Nawah Energy Company. Construction of Units 3 and 4 of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant is in the final stages, with the overall construction completion of the four units now standing at 95%.

The Plant will deliver 25% of the UAE’s electricity with zero carbon emissions while also supporting economic diversification by creating thousands of high-value jobs through the establishment of a sustainable local nuclear energy industry and supply chain.