Update to ENEC Announcement on 12.10.2018


   Update to ENEC Announcement on 12.10.2018

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) confirms that the pressurizer safety valve test, known as the Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve (POSRV), has cleared all system and functional tests performed during the last Hot Functional Testing (HFT) on Unit 1. The positive results of the POSRV have been shared with inspectors of the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR).

During the HFT, pre-core reactor coolant system flow measurement test and main turbine system test were performed, proving that major components and systems work as designed and meet all requirements for normal operation. Components were checked for thermal expansion, vibration and wear.

The results provide further assurance that all systems perform in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards under normal operating conditions. In particular, the robust results of the POSRV testing confirm the success of ENEC’s work, along with Team Korea, to deliver quality components that further enhance the safety performance of the APR-1400 reactors in Barakah.

This is a significant step as Nawah Energy Company (Nawah), the operating and maintenance subsidiary of ENEC, steadily and safely progresses with its operational readiness activities prior to the loading of the first nuclear fuel assemblies into Unit 1, once all requirements have been met and Nawah is in receipt of the Operating License from FANR, which is forecast to take place in early 2020.