Official Statement in Response to the Licenses Awarded by FANR


ENEC and Nawah are pleased to have been awarded the Fuel Transportation License and the Fuel Handling and Storage License from the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR). Together with the Nuclear Fuel Possession License and the Nuclear Fuel Import License which were awarded previously, the two licenses obtained recently demonstrate our readiness to transport and handle new nuclear fuel assemblies (i.e. unirradiated fuel). FANR’s review and approval of these licenses comes after a thorough assessment and inspection to ensure that ENEC and the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant meet the stringent requirements for receiving nuclear fuel into the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The receipt of these licenses is testament to the hard work and dedication of ENEC and our joint venture partner Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), along with the Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Agency (CICPA) and all other stakeholders involved, to ensure the highest international standards of quality and safety for the transportation and storage of nuclear fuel in the UAE. Nuclear fuel is essential for achieving our goal of developing nuclear energy as a source of safe, clean and sustainable electricity for the long-term growth and prosperity of the UAE.