Ensuring Security of Supply in the UAE


In line with our mission to power the UAE’s sustainable growth, ENEC is working to explore avenues that enable the delivery of even greater clean energy security for our nation.

Over the past 18 months, we have been conducting an extensive review into the needs of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program going forwards and specifically the strategic supply of the fuel assemblies needed to power the UAE’s Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant over the next 60 years ahead. As part of examining a range of options, we have entered into the tendering for a domestic fuel assembly fabrication facility.

While at this stage, further details cannot be provided, it is important to note that these activities are fully in line with the UAE’s commitment to the highest standards of nuclear safety, security, transparency and non-proliferation, and the UAE continues to abide by all of its commitments made at the launch of its nuclear program, which were both embodied in the UAE Federal Law of 2009 and reproduced in numerous bilateral nuclear cooperation agreements between the UAE and various responsible nations. These commitments, which exclude enrichment and reprocessing within the UAE, led to the UAE being described by stakeholders as having established the global standard for new nuclear programs and non-proliferation.

The fuel fabrication facility would be dedicated to the industrial fabrication of fuel assemblies from their various components.  Although the fuel assembly facility will neither involve enrichment or reprocessing, the fabrication of fuel assemblies remains a regulated nuclear activity, given the need for stringent nuclear quality standards. 

Throughout the process, we have sought input from responsible nuclear nations and with ongoing engagement the UAE’s independent nuclear regulator, the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR).

In line with our corporate policy, we are unable to comment further on an ongoing tender per our established commercial process requirements.

For more information on the UAE’s Policy on the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy click here.